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About Us

We believe every child has the right to a happy and sustainable life.

Founded in 2001 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, our adventure challenges fundraise to support underprivileged children around the world.

Each adventure challenge supports a worthy charity in the same country where the challenge takes place. The sponsorship collected by participants is spent on worthwhile child-related projects managed by charities focused in education, housing and healthcare.

Since 2001 to date, Gulf for Good has hosted more than 100 challenges, raising almost USD 5 million for 63 projects in 30 countries helping over 33,300 children in need.

Our sister enterprise, Thrift for Good is a charity thrift shop established in 2020; with the mission to rehome preloved items to reduce waste and help children around the world.

Gulf for Good is a UAE based non-profit organisation UAE NPO (150021) and a UK Registered Charity (1140294)



Our vision

  • To empower people to change their lives and the lives of children around the world.


Our mission

  • To support sustainable charity projects for children and to promote wellbeing through life changing experiences, adventure challenges and fitness opportunities.



At Gulf for Good, we’ve hosted over 100 adventure challenges, raising nearly USD 5 million to impact 33,300 children in 30 countries. Through targeted projects in education, housing, and healthcare, we’re committed to ensuring every child’s right to a happy and sustainable life.

Meet the Team

At Gulf for Good, our dynamic team is united by a shared passion for positive change. Together, we organize transformative events and initiatives, channeling our collective energy to support underprivileged children globally.


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Fundraising Tips
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