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Kilimanjaro Initiative

Kilimanjaro Initiative inspires youth to have self-belief and overcome life's challenges.
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    Kilimanjaro Initiative inspires youth to have self-belief and overcome life’s challenges.

    To reach out to the youth in Kenya and globally through sports inter alia, thus instigating behavioural reform and transforming them into agents of positive change, enabling them to positively contribute towards sustainable community development and offering them opportunities for self-development.

    • Number of children impacted: 150
    • United Nation’s Sustainable development goals: 1 No Poverty, 3 Good Health and Well Being, 10 Reduced Inequalities

    Irrespective of where they are in the world, youth face significant risks and challenges. They are especially vulnerable to violence, poverty, exploitation, and exclusion; in particular, youth belonging to vulnerable or marginalized groups. Young women and girls face additional risks, as well as youth that identifies as other genders. In many countries, programs and services to support the healthy development of youth are inadequate and the systems in place to

    support their implementation are fragile and inconsistent

    Approximately 2.5 million people are living in approximately 200 informal settlements in Nairobi, which represents about 60% of the city’s population, and in the latest census (Kenyan Population and Housing Census 2009), 43% of all Kenyans were below 15 years of age.

    This project will specifically work with children and young people, without a safe or secure place to live in areas of Nairobi Kibera, specifically targeting children and young people between the age ranges of 9yrs – 25 yrs.

    Current Charity Projects

    Promoting education, mentorship and leadership through sports program.

    This program will use boxing and martial arts (B&MA) to engage vulnerable young people living in insecure and unsafe housing in the informal settlement of Kibera in Nairobi, to improve physical and mental well-being, increase opportunities in education, employment and reduce youth involvement in crime and violence through a holistic package of personal development, education and employability support.